Citizen Based Stream Monitoring

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Current Water Quality Monitoring Sites in the Watershed

Since 2007, Upper Sugar River Watershed Association has been apart of the Water Action Volunteers (WAV), a statewide program for citizens to learn about and improve the quality of Wisconsin’s rivers and streams through citizen science. USRWA is one of many organizaitons around Wisconsin who participate in the WAV program as a way of increasing the amount of baseline data collected in the Upper Sugar River Watershed’s rivers and streams. Although the data collected by our volunteers may not be used immediately, it is vital to understanding long-term trends and is used in making management decisions down the road.

The monitoring season typically runs from April until October. Monitors are asked to collect data at their designated sites at least once per month, and report the data to an online database supported by the WDNR Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program.

Data collected by our monitoring volunteers includes dissolved oxygen, turbidity, water temperature, stream depth, stream flow, and macroinvertebrates.

006Please visit the following links for more information about volunteer citizen monitoring programs in Wisconsin:

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Thanks to our volunteers who monitored water quality at 26 sites in 2017.  We look forward to building on that in 2018, so if you would like to be trained to monitor water quality in the Upper Sugar River Watershed, please contact Executive Director Wade Moder at or call 608-437-7707.