DSCF2963 We are a grassroots, self-sustaining, 501c3 non-profit conservation organization. The Upper Sugar River Watershed Association consists of those who live, work or play in the watershed. We have a board of directors, an annual membership and are able to complete many beneficial conservation projects with funds we raise from grants, individual and corporate donors, municipalities and events. We are a hands-on project group, and disseminate information about watershed issues through our connections in local schools and numerous community partners.  More specific information about USRWA can be found in our bylaws.

The Upper Sugar River Watershed, with a drainage area of approximately 170 square miles (109,404 acres) and 115 stream miles, is located in Dane County, Wisconsin. It is rich in resources, including fisheries, wildlife habitat (including rare and endangered species), native plant communities (many in decline), and recreational opportunities.


The mission of USRWA is to provide leadership for continuous resource improvement through strategic partnerships that benefit the watershed’s land, water and people.


USRWA will serve as a steward of the river and its upland environments, and encourage projects and behaviors that enhance the quality of these resources and mitigate issues such as sedimentation and phosphorus runoff. The organization will facilitate community engagement and new partnership formation by implementing innovative approaches to solving watershed problems that are both pragmatic and cost-effective. Through these measures, USRWA will be known as a vital voice in the community that advocates for the river and bolsters awareness and watershed literacy.


  1. Work collaboratively with the farming community to reduce agricultural runoff entering the river.
  2. Strengthen the capacity of the USRWA to effectively fulfill its mission.
  3. Gather essential data to foster improvements in the watershed. 
  4. Improve water quality through targeted restoration projects.
  5. Engage and educate our members and the community to increase their awareness and appreciation of the Upper Sugar River.

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